175kw,225kw three phase series grid connected photovoltaic inverter

1. The maximum efficiency is 99%, and the efficiency in China is 98.5%

2.12-way MPPT, suitable for complex installation scenarios

3. The maximum branch current is 13a, which is suitable for double-sided power generation components

4. Support remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and software upgrade

5. DC 1500V, AC 800V, improve system efficiency and power generation

6. DC arcing detection, support component detection, SVG function at night, IV scanning, PLC communication

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Number of MPPT channels 12 12
Rated output power 175KW 225KW
Maximum output power 200KW 250KW
Maximum output current 144.3A 178.6A
Maximum efficiency 99%
Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 1055*700*336mm
Net Weight (kgs) 110kg
input parameter
Maximum input voltage 1500VDC
MPPT voltage range 600-1500 V
Floating Charge Voltage range 880V-1200V
Maximum number of MPPT access strings per channel 2
Maximum input current of each MPPT 26A
Output parameters (AC)
Rated voltage 800VDC
AC voltage range 640V-920V
Rated grid frequency 50/60Hz
Grid frequency range 45-65Hz
Power factor 08 lead ~ 0.8 lag
Total current harmonic distortion rate <3% (rated power)
Grid connection system  3W+PE
Structural parameters
Degree of protection IP66
topological structure without transformer
Operating temperature range -25-+60°C
Operating humidity range 0-100%
Operating humidity range forced air cooling
Maximum working altitude 4000m (>3000m derating)
Display APP+ Bluetooth
Communication RS485/PLC
Noise  60db
Comply with standards EN62109-1,EN621092,NB/T32004-2018,GB/T19964-2012
Protection function
Island protection YES
Low voltage ride through YES
DC reverse connection protection YES
AC short circuit protection YES
Leakage current protection YES
Power grid monitoring YES
DC switch YES
String detection YES
Surge protection DC level 2 lightning arrester / AC Level 2 lightning arrester

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