120V/240V Split Phase off grid Solar Inverter


1. Versatile AC output modes:single phase 120v,split

 phase 240v,and 3-phase 208V

2. Pure sine wave output 5KW/48VDC

3. Dual MPPT Input up to 160A max charge

4. Max PV input power up to 8KW(4KW*2)

5. Utility charging up to 60A Max.

6. Max total system charing up to 220A

7. Parallel operation up to 3 units max

8. Genset starter dry contact

9. Programmable parameters

10. Ideal for Off-Grid or Grid-backup application

11. Easy to install

12. FREE monitoring software

13. LCD Display + LCD indicators

14. USB,RS232 communication interface

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Quick Inquiry

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